He smiled the new cross-border foreign direct mail can play out

[Abstract] cross-border electricity supplier of the new deal has been implemented since April 8th, bonded delivery reached a turning point, open a new chapter in overseas direct mail, do the purchasing mode of the game player had a clear position. Hangzhou’s first technology is hidden in the sea Amoy supply chain on a typical purchasing platform.

There are two major business

technology’s first neighbor, a cross-border electricity supplier is positioned as a flexible supply chain Fisrtlink, one is the sea Amoy App chop hand help, two lines of business is shared, but the front end user oriented in different ways.

Fisrtlink is the core business, one end is connected to one end of the access of foreign electricity supplier website, domestic sea Amoy businesses (including community, business platform, micro business, purchasing personnel), the terminal consumer orders, which is responsible for all the links and buy on behalf of cross-border logistics. Chop hands to help App directly to consumers, the equivalent of a display window.

"4.8 new positive list system makes the cross-border electricity supplier in the future can only take the head of general trade and cross-border consumer goods, middle-class families will gradually from head to tail, personalized merchandise goods legitimate penetration, the only solution is to enter the consumer direct mail packet family." The first neighbor and founder partner and COO Han Di to billion state power network said, "we believe that the future success of cross-border consumption depends largely on who can achieve the perfect integration of the long tail of commodity supply chain and cross-border small parcel logistics."


started from April 2014 until now, the first neighbor technology only took the angel round of financing, but because of a large amount of this round of financing, on the other hand, because the market low expenses, and all business maori. "We never lose money to do marketing, at most is to reduce the gross profit." Han Di pointed out.

in its view, all cross-border electricity providers are not the first players in the game technology, but a potential partner. When you fight but have users, the flow of big game player doesn’t want to, a lot of money, the best way is to turn competition into cooperation. Zero inventory of the supply chain to run fast, easy to adjust, no financial pressure, positioning for purchasing rather than sales and can avoid a lot of legal risk. After the implementation of cross-border new deal, the first technology is to see a new dawn.

the following dialogue for billion state power network with Han Di:

flexible cross-border supply chain in the end, soft where?

: the first billion state power network development ideas o science and technology is what? How to locate


Han Di: in the future, traffic and consumption scenarios must be to the center of the platform, there is no platform to meet the needs of all consumers, do shopping entrance strategy does not conform to the current trend of the times. Under this premise, we do after all is "sellers" such a thing.

what was off? If only do a chop hand to help, go to ocean terminal, the little red book.

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