Where the customer executives will join mall Jingdong Wu served as senior vice president

vice president Wu Eslite



technology news November 30th afternoon news, according to sources, from the departure of VANCL vice president Wu Sheng, will officially join the Jingdong store at the end of the year, as the post of senior vice president and director of public relations aspects of the business.

Wu sound in every guest business when adding, where the customer was responsible for public relations and V+ business, where the customer belongs to the senior level figure, but it has yesterday came as "personal reasons" departure. According to sources confirmed that the whereabouts of the sound of Wu has been determined: the end of the year to join Jingdong mall.

Wu’s departure let outsiders surprised, because according to the information disclosed by the media, where the customer will be completed in the fourth quarter listing, more news has submitted a prospectus, why leave at this time? Micro-blog for their reasons for leaving a lot of speculation, some people think that this "may be related to the CEO in the old people with strategies and options the distribution of misconduct related".

in fact over the past few years, where the customer has been in a state of loss of core employees, also left and former assistant to the president, the beginning of CEO Xu Xiaohui, a former vice president, excellent shopping network COO Zhang Xiaojun and former vice president Li Gang in charge of finance. But in recent years old also rarely seen interview.

e-commerce industry has been in a state of lack of talent, the Wu Sheng turnover yesterday came the news, dangdang.com CEO Li Guoqing in the micro-blog olive branch: "Wu always willing to do government relations dangdang.com VP? The meeting last month in Chengdu encounter, appreciate Wu sum of government and laughing in momentum. Unfortunately, with the old Dong and every guest relationship is good, feel shy to dig, especially where the market is a critical stage."

currently Wu did not comment on the matter. Jingdong mall, said the interior has not heard of this appointment. (Cui Xi)

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