Jingdong 4 billion cast cloud computing industry doubts real investment or public relations war

Jingdong mall seems to be in a 4 billion investment scale, told the industry, Jingdong is not short of money. Yesterday, the Jingdong mall official disclosure, Jingdong has been with the Bayannaoer the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region City, Jiangsu province and Suqian city have signed the investment framework agreement of Cloud Computing Center project, a total investment of up to 4 billion yuan. Previously, Jingdong has just completed a $300 million financing. Dangdang.com CEO Li Guoqing on the "First Financial Daily reporters, Jingdong to obtain financing to support the Jingdong in June 2013.

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4 billion is a real investment, or public relations war, which makes some people feel puzzled.

and Jingdong financing for $300 million in Tmall "double 11 day news flow chamber, the Jingdong announced 4 billion investment plan and selection in the Taobao" double 12 "the activities of the day. An electricity supplier practitioners believe that this is a battle for public relations to seize the eye.

with the development of the domestic electricity supplier competition format, Jingdong and Ali competition, has become the industry’s open topic. Some investors believe that if the Alibaba group in 2013 as early as the Jingdong mall listing, will bring pressure on the future of Jingdong IPO stock underwriting. The competition between the two sides, the performance of public relations means, it is not surprising.

however, aside from the public relations level, Jingdong has the ability to come up with 4 billion yuan for investment?

Jingdong official did not make any statement on the flow of funds from 4 billion yuan to make a statement, nor to disclose the current cash flow of Jingdong. However, according to Jingdong, the total investment of 4 billion yuan is divided into Inner Mongolia, Bayannaoer and Jiangsu, the two part of the. Among them, Jingdong cloud computing center in Bayannaoer, will be built and put into use in mid 2014, with a total investment of 2 billion yuan.

and the remaining 2 billion will be used for Jingdong to build a cloud computing center in Jiangsu, Suqian, but the center plans to build before 2017. In other words, Jingdong recently received $300 million financing, just for the first phase of investment in Inner Mongolia project. The project in Jiangsu, Suqian, Jingdong does not need immediate funding.

some analysts on Jingdong’s cash flow calculations. According to Jingdong in Hongkong in May 2012 to promote the disclosure of data, Jingdong 2011 revenue of 21 billion yuan. From 2007 to 2011, Jingdong’s revenue growth was 350%, 266.67%, 203.03%, 155%, 105%. With the 2012 electricity supplier platform intensified competition, even if the Jingdong can still reach 105% growth rate, Jingdong’s revenue in 2012 was $43 billion 50 million. According to the 38 day of 2011 account period, the monthly cash flow of Jingdong is about $3 billion 600 million. With the continuous extension of Jingdong account period, in the short term, Jingdong fully capable of investment.

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