How to use the interest analysis to find new Wangzhuan project

The basic principle of

‘s "interest analysis" is to take the interests as the center. If you master this basic principle, then you will find many Wangzhuan or new projects, new ideas and methods. The following case illustrates how to use the "interest analysis" to find new Wangzhuan project.

case 1: understand the use of Google alliance to earn dollars project

much understand is a rather understand Wangzhuan master, master is a soft. His soft Wen really fooled a lot of people, but also for their own to bring a lot of money. Had article how to use Google alliance $tutorial, so many beginner in droves. Later, we know that the real intention is to understand the foreign host. Here we use the interest analysis method to analyze:

1 know why to write this tutorial, of course, the interests of the center. This is the basic principle of interest analysis. Who is the center of interest, of course, to understand the interests of the parties as the center. So understand the purpose of this tutorial is to bring their own income. 2 do you know how to use a tutorial to earn dollars? We know that the more people a project does, the less it will be done. Since the use of Google union to make dollars so easy to understand the secret will certainly do their own, will not say this project. Interest analysis method tells us to understand the project is written in order to bring their own benefits, if the project to make money, the project was released to understand is very unfavorable. Therefore, through the interest analysis method, the project is certainly not profitable or at least not so easy to make money. 3 understand the benefits of where to understand this tutorial is to let people do Google Union, Google alliance to do have to buy a foreign host. Where to buy it, understand that there are. The original understanding of income here.

above is the use of interest analysis method to understand the use of Google alliance to earn dollars project analysis process. The result is to understand the project to make money, understand is to sell foreign host.

"interest analysis" is the charm of this? We can analyze here?. "Interest analysis" of the charm let us to find new Wangzhuan project. "Interest analysis" allows us to have our own projects. So what are we going to do next? Do we also know how to sell foreign hosts?. Understand the fame, he can earn money selling mainframe. We sell cannot make money. So what are we selling? We can sell them. (suitable for the program, Google alliance front English, background Chinese kind) one of my friends to understand the project and make $200 a day more than a dozen foreign web applications packaged together, available for free download. Of course, the program is to limit the function of. To complete the program can only go to his Taobao store to shoot. My friend used to understand the project also brought a lot of money for themselves. This is the "interest analysis" to analyze the project and then have a typical case of their own projects.


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