Double 11 Jingdong before destabilize Ali who stress the seller in the hegemony


technology news October 30th afternoon news, Jingdong blackboard newspaper published yesterday by taking home, said a platform (alluding to Ali Tmall) brand business requirements shall not participate in other platforms including Jingdong, promotional activities, and said, "never agree and resolutely resist", "for individual businesses forced to temporarily stop the normal operation or exit activities the behavior of Jingdong, based on all the business platform responsible attitude, must be taken seriously and treated for serious impact on the interests of consumers, the Jingdong will permanently terminate its cooperation." At the same time, the Jingdong of publicity "Linsen official flagship store" to make "the closed shop, and no permanent cooperation" punishment.

this afternoon, "Mulinsen Rawlinson flagship store" (hereinafter referred to as "Sen") published an article "micro-blog Jingdong, you do not understand me, I see the trees but you Rawlinson, forest", the three Jingdong asked: who in the implementation of hegemony? Who hit the business bottom line? Who is against the interests of consumers to respond? Penalties for publicity.

wood wood three asked Jingdong we do not play with you

In this paper, "

wrote a Rawlinson, called didn’t play, we" closed shop ", Jingdong said, this is to adhere to the" open, inclusive, cooperative and win-win. ". For no reason at all, we ‘show’, the Jingdong said, this is "in order to promote the healthy development of the whole industry. Although the Jingdong store is still very small, but has learned to bully……"

in the Jingdong blackboard newspaper, Jingdong said the majority of businesses to make a clear judgment: can only be able to yield to the supremacy of the interests of the interests of the loss, the loss will be the long-term interests of cooperation and multi platform." The tit for tat Linsen pointed out that the phrase "Jingdong in the blackboard is what we would like to remind the Jingdong Linsen official flagship store platform for other businesses — to leave Jingdong


asked: what is a Jingdong M.L.S. who stress businesses in the implementation of hegemony,


Jingdong, the letter said, "with the 11.11 approaches, some international and domestic clothing brand is a business platform to require brand businesses shall not participate in other platforms including Jingdong, promotions, even on-line activities also need to be removed. Many brands expressed frustration. Individual friends forced businesses to choose one of the two is not a new topic, but overwhelmed by the pressure has intensified."

said that as a business, "Rawlinson, we have the right to own business judgment, make normal business choice, without breach of contract under the independent deployment of goods and goods category proportion is our power, the Jingdong has the right to interfere. For example: I drive on your road, but why do you move my steering wheel?

asked: what is the two MLS Jingdong who hit the business bottom line, resulting in damage to the interests of consumers


Jingdong letter said, in the vast number of businesses should work together at the time point, the individual friends of the business once again tied to the interests of the coercion of businesses, this monopolistic behavior not only disrupt the normal business >

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