The alleged loan to loan Jingdong was blocked two banks.

for those in hard work, often make ends meet North drifters, "Jingdong launched ious" give their lives to bring a lot of convenience. However, in the double eleven hand cut day is approaching, many people prepare to buy buy buy when Jingdong ious credit card payment function is China Merchants Bank and Bank of communications have shut down.

According to

reporter learned that China Merchants Bank is taking preliminary steps at the beginning of September, in September 20th officially shut down the function. In the Jingdong white pages, the cashier finance Jingdong has such an announcement: "by the bank, IOUs repayment does not support the China Merchants Bank credit card." In addition to Bank of China Merchants Bank, there are still 15 bank credit card can be used for the repayment of IOUS business, savings card payment function was not affected.

Why has

Cooperation Bank will suddenly closed Jingdong ious credit card payment channel? In this regard, China Merchants Bank responded that the commercial bank personal credit card (excluding service "three rural" agricultural credit card overdraft) should be used for consumption, not for the production and operation of non consumption and investment; and the Jingdong is white the Jingdong store to provide customers a loan products, if you use credit cards for ious repayment, clearly belongs to the "loan to loan".

in other words, Jingdong rely on their own platform to attract users, and will be transferred to the bank lending risk, which for the bank there is a certain risk.

according to the reporter, staging Jingdong IOUs, ranging from 1-24, monthly handling fee of approximately between 0-0.5%, which is far less than the rate of the bank bills staging has attracted a large number of users by installment Jingdong IOUs, and not to use bank bills installments, which is equivalent to the Jingdong took the bank earning assets at the same time, but also allow banks to bear the risk of repayment.

in addition to repayment time, outside variables greater risk, risk the use of IOUS cash to bring greater, which is the bank system can not monitor the.

for the Bank of the letter of credit products qualitative, Jingdong is not recognized. Jingdong responded that the Jingdong is essentially ious credit, Jingdong store accounts receivable, belong to the commercial credit, not credit products.

this, some experts called for the introduction of relevant policies and regulations should be introduced as soon as possible to fill the loopholes in the Internet financial.