Enterprise platform integration recommended visit TOP5 e-commerce website

with the development of the Internet, e-commerce came into being. E-commerce refers to a wide range of business around the world trade activities, the Internet in the open network environment, based on Browser / server applications, both buyers and sellers are not met for various business activities. At present, the Internet gradually spread to every corner of people’s life, e-commerce online shopping, online transactions and online payment and other business, trade, finance and related service activities for the. Has become a new business model. Below, IDC comments network will share with you 5 well-known e-commerce sites.

1 Taobao (www.taobao.com)

Taobao is Asia’s largest network of retail business, is committed to creating the world’s leading online retail business district, founded by Alibaba group in May 10, 2003. Taobao now business across C2C (personal to individual), B2C (business to individual) two.

taobao.com including computer communication, men and women supplies, sporting goods, books, audio and video game equipment and other goods auction, as well as related community, Alipay also offers online trading safety assurance system.

2 Alibaba (www.alibaba.com)

Alibaba, China’s largest Internet company and the world’s second largest Internet company, founded in 1999 by Ma Yun in the first hand of the company’s online trading platform for enterprises. Alibaba created by B2B, by domestic and foreign media, Silicon Valley and foreign venture capitalists as with Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, one of the five major Internet business schools AOL par.

Alibaba set the electronic market, electronic commerce, electronic information, electronic services in the business community. Create an independent third party payment platform — Alipay, has the domestic and industrial and commercial bank, construction bank, Agricultural Bank and China Merchants Bank, VISA and other financial institutions to establish strategic cooperation.

3 pat net (www.paipai.com)

pat Network is China’s well-known online retail business, Tencent’s e-commerce trading platform. Relying on Tencent pat Network’s huge user base and 250 million active users of resources, with the development of a good foundation.

pat Network is happy, fashion and sharing of e-commerce sites, so that communication transactions.

4 Dangdang (www.dangdang.com)

dangdang.com is a Chinese shopping website of Beijing dangdang.com information technology limited company operations, is currently the world’s largest online mall Chinese audio books, for the world Chinese readers with nearly about 300000 kinds of Chinese books and audio-visual products, every day to provide convenient and efficient service for tens of thousands of consumers, online shoppers to bring great >

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