Double 11 pricing businesses play Maoni Tmall fined 800 thousand yuan


Times News (reporter Zhu Jianhe) on the weekend, the Alibaba group announced that, due to issues related to sales price of Tmall’s third party platform for businesses involved in the "double 11" period, and other promotional activities during the period of commodity pricing issues, the company received the written decision issued by Zhejiang Provincial Price Bureau punished a total of 800 thousand yuan the administrative.

disclosed in the announcement, Ali was fined for 2013 and 2014 "double 11" period, some originally should be in accordance with the product price hit half off in "double 11" promotional products, by some third party merchants call half off in the price based on the definition of their own, and not in accordance with the original price discount on the basis of the legal provisions. It is said that some businesses play first and then discount price of the game, in fact this trick had also many times by the media exposure.

Ali in the bulletin said, the platform intended to match buyers and sellers, commodity price is determined by the third party merchants to decide, Ali no participation, but Ali promised to continue to take measures to increase efforts to protect the interests of consumers, the importance of pricing rules again to the platform sellers in the "double 11" before 2015.

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