The good domain leads to the explosive growth of baby industry

daily daily news (reporter Wang Jiajing) pregnant baby industry over the years have been regarded as a "sunrise industry", but also earlier to enter the e-commerce industry. But in recent years, with the Jingdong, and Dangdang Suning and other commercial predators increasingly pay attention to pregnant baby category, Tencent, Sina and other Internet giants have launched the giant baby channel, and small enterprises snatch the embarrassing situation. A number of early pregnant baby Internet business founded, and was once praised as "mother industry pioneer" red child, even in this case is buy cheap.

in the fierce market competition and survival of the fittest pregnant baby industry under the law, there are still a large number of enterprises under the impact of the Internet giant in the market occupies a space for one person, such as: Cradle of network, and compararive maternal home etc.. Among them, the domain name has become a key factor.

famous maternal portal cradle, the beginning of the establishment of the use of everyone is familiar with the "cradle" of the domain name, easy to remember the good domain name in the process of development has played an important role, at present, the network has become the cradle of domestic large maternal portal. The famous brand enterprises in the last year through love Princess Di Sha also spent heavily in the acquisition of several hundreds of thousands of net corresponds to its own brand name

in the separate two child policy liberalization in the background, the policy to stimulate the domestic demand for children’s economy has become inevitable. This is bound to make the pregnant baby industry once again usher in the explosive growth, and many of the baby related Internet companies also ushered in the opportunity. Next, we are interested in pregnancy baby industry recommended a number of entrepreneurs such as,, etc. this good domain name, buy the following domain name or domain name for more baby please visit, the special notice: the tourism domain.

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