Tmall business selling leather artificial leather goods that hang to 5 working days

Ms. Xu to buy a dream from the Tmall mall double leather Bianca, sent to bed after Ms. Xu on the leather material question, in communication with the seller, the seller initially denied material fraud, later changed to "send the wrong goods, willing to return". Recently, Ms. Xu issued a report at their own expense of 370 yuan, the results show that the leather material for artificial leather, then submitted to Tmall to apply for fake compensation. Tmall said, 5 to 9 days will reply, once identified by the seller selling fake, fake a compensable four compensation for consumers, and will eliminate the business.

unexpected discovery:

burn a lump of

in October 25th this year, Ms. Xu saw a leather bed at Tmall mall, "the brand is Bianca dream, page propaganda is the first layer of leather. At that time the price is relatively cheap, 2320 yuan." Because businesses in Guangdong, the delivery is slow, at the beginning of November, Ms. Xu finally looked forward to his bed, who express delivery, accidentally put the bed scraped a gap, Ms. Xu then negotiated with the seller replacement, however in her photos, but found the bed there are other problems, one is the keel the frame wooden bed is cracked, there are signs of mildew, two I found the bed soft on the texture of the skin." Ms. Xu from the bedside suture cut a piece of scrap, and burning method according to the online identification, found after burning "leather" a hard lump, which makes Ms. Xu believes that leather bed may be false. She calls the seller for this, but the other party insisted that the product is the first layer of leather, absolutely no quality problems.

November 14th, the Beijing morning news reporters call Bianca flagship store customer service dream responsible person Ms. Xie, she is said to follow up the matter, but denied the sale of counterfeit goods, also refused to disclose to the reporter to negotiate the details of any consumer, then hang up the phone.

self appraisal:

twists and turns for "the leather"

Ms. Xu call Tmall customer service to reflect the matter, Tmall customer service, said the seller to sell fakes, can not guess, have to come up with a written appraisal report, will be accepted, and that the recognition of enterprise identification. After several twists and turns, Ms. Xu finally linked to the Guangdong Foshan a furniture company, at their own expense, 370 yuan (including 20 yuan courier) please report to each other.

on the afternoon of November 14th, Ms. Xu again communicate with the seller, and revealed that the report is being identified. Ms. Xie’s dream Bianca said previously is "the wrong goods". On the same day the two sides to communicate with the chat screenshot, the reporter saw, Ms. Xie said in the reply, is our warehouse sent the wrong goods, the leather you shoot into the skin……" Ms. Xie also stressed that we will not sell fakes." However, all the goods and the Beijing morning news reporter Ms. Xu has searched Bianca dream flagship store, did not find the so-called "green skin" with a bed in the sale.

November 21st, waiting for several days, Ms. Xu finally to the written test results, the Beijing morning news reporter saw the report said, "by the identification results of bedside soft contact fabric" to "people"

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