Domain investor’s sorrow

      yesterday opened the mail, it is strange to receive a letter, meaning that registered my domain name, want to transfer to me, the transfer fee is 999 yuan.


      original from my site hosted high-end financial portal China network, now due to various reasons. The person who wrote the letter is very humorous, registered the net and then called a low-end financial network, the name is good. This site can be closed, otherwise the company will ask me to redeem the domain name.

      then I wrote to him: is it expensive? Now stop the development of the national network, you failed a domain name investment plan ah! Ha-ha!!

      immediately received his reply:


      this time he registered several domain names for me, and for price, for my personal website, traffic is less than 1000IP, and the first gold network also just developed, but money is not me, the company will not pay much attention to the domain name, pay attention to the business. I don’t think this domain name is recycled.

      admire the spirit: The Brothers investment registered several domain names probably cost him 100 dollars. I must have a good recovery for the domain name to the company, after all, I was also a domain name investment, investment in many large companies, the result of a domain name, did not sell money, very depressed.

      in fact, also said that the investment in such a domain name meaningful? How do companies rarely spend money, will spend money to buy the domain name? I think that as a network of rivers and lakes, people should learn more network technology, with their technology to gain wealth, rather than speculation.

      the first gold network has just been developed, welcome to the financial web site links:

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