Sina micro Bo payment at the end of June opening of micro Bo shop is also coming on-line

a few days ago, WeChat’s WeChat store features on the line, the news of the sensation of the Internet, we are talking about the need to open the WeChat shop what conditions, but also in the end of the discussion will be how WeChat store. WeChat shop just a few days, Sina micro stroke WeChat shop that is the award on the line. We do not think it is a little strange? Well, the following Shao Lianhu to introduce what is WeChat store.

micro Bo shop news is as follows:

in the previous 2014 GMIC conference, micro-blog listed for the first time after the external sound, said it would open micro-blog payment application, to build a social business closed loop based on micro-blog payment. After a period of time after the test, Sina micro-blog yesterday held a press conference, said the station open at the end of June when micro-blog paid, regardless of their business or personal account can submit an application, you can access the payment after approval by micro-blog.

launched since the beginning of micro-blog and Alipay cooperation payment ", Sina micro-blog has been trying to open up the closed-loop social marketing, such as cooperation and Ali launched the" micro-blog Taobao version". Sina micro-blog for the definition of "micro-blog payment", "relational payment instruments Alipay underlying service capabilities and social attributes based on micro-blog." According to micro-blog official feedback data, in the preliminary test, micro-blog pay the success rate of payment than traditional mobile payment products to enhance the two times.

Sina micro-blog

for enterprise business, not only can be used as micro selling such third party payment interface, micro-blog two times the development of products based on the (somewhat similar to the WeChat public platform pocket pass, micro shop, WeChat Jingdong; Sina and micro-blog official visit) will launch similar "WeChat store" products so, for the sale of businesses directly through micro-blog. Such as the first test of @ Sora Aoi sold in micro-blog’s own brand underwear, is the use of sina’s official micro-blog store".

Shao Lianhu for Sina micro stroke shop some views

In fact,

micro Bo shop on-line is also expected in the matter. Since the Sina micro stroke and Taobao cooperation, it also shows that the micro Bo sooner or later one day will become a social shopping site. And WeChat’s recent WeChat shop also gave Taobao, Sina a big shock, so Sina and Taobao have to make their own products as soon as possible. After all, not too far behind others. How to say it, the same is the two major social networking platform, one is WeChat, a Sina micro stroke. Whether it is a computer or mobile terminal, they have their own advantages. And micro stroke shop on the line is certainly some impact on WeChat store.

no matter how or congratulations on the small shop on the line, but also hope to develop better. Whether it is WeChat, or micro stroke, only hope that the user can give a normal entertainment and shopping platform. But don’t make it a pure e-commerce platform.

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