1 billion 300 million operators urged taobao.com to increase efforts to combat the shop brush reputa

1 billion 300 million network operators urged taobao.com to increase efforts to combat shop brush reputation, every day I want to have a lot of taobao.com brush reputation advertising, it is very annoying, and you think everyone has to brush reputation, in fact all the shop manager, as well as customers, online shopping and so on, as well as on Taobao net yourself there is great harm, appeals, everyone refused to brush reputation, to open shop, taobao.com also increased efforts to combat the shop brush reputation.

recently, Taobao online for others more credit money, credit stores the message everywhere, refresh the credit letter everywhere, Taobao want is one after another, in a continuous line. The second one is Taobao who are not found!


credit management system is the lifeline for the survival of Taobao! People are willing to trust Taobao, Taobao shopping, largely because of Taobao’s credit system to provide a reliable guarantee and reference for buyers. Taobao sellers also strive to improve the quality of service, increase their credit as the goal of the development of their business. Despite such as credit speculation, credit spread and other evils, is bound to damage the credibility of the credit system of Taobao, Taobao will fundamentally corrosion of honesty and credit trading environment, make Taobao into eBay’s footsteps. I think this is not alarmist, if this trend continues, the dangers of


as a conscience of the Taobao seller, I strongly urge Taobao to develop more severe punishment measures, increase the hype credit, credit to crack down on efforts to maintain the integrity of the environment Taobao. At the same time, also called on Taobao to consciously resist unhealthy sellers credit speculation, to refresh the credit. Hope Taobao, sellers, buyers work together to maintain the integrity of Taobao’s trading order


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