Want to solve the problem of high cost Live + video highlights

the emergence of the Internet to achieve people and things, between people from space, time and geographical constraints, affecting the whole world. With the development of science and technology, the connection tends to have no boundaries, so it will produce a lot of invalid connections, and this trend is no boundary of the connection, the final effect will often result in the burden of receiving information. And the appearance of direct connection to make more efficient, intuitive.


in what era is the content of the king, the video and live will be the industry has to pay attention to a new direction.

but for businesses to clear two questions:

What is the significance of

1 live + video?

2 live + video, how profitable?

What is the meaning of

live + video?

the status of the enterprise: the effect of poor product quality, high customer cost

is a new market, tomorrow has the same products in your eyes. Homogenization of products are numerous, consumers choose a wide range, resulting in lower and lower consumer loyalty. For most enterprises, the lack of brand advantage, spent advertising publicity and promotion of a large number of small, slightly stirred waves, the moment was massive information ocean cruelly.

according to statistics, the average per person per day to watch live 115 minutes, live + video is a low-cost, effective, user favorite marketing tool.

three micro cloud micro enterprise and consumer communication system to shorten the connection path, is also the most direct path.

multi platform communication, started popularity

users can share a key to WeChat, micro-blog, QQ and other social media, multi platform communication to improve the exposure, the brand awareness. As everyone knows, the fastest way is the promotion of social communication, through the user viral on social networks to share, rapid coverage of the target population, and then through the incentive mechanism to stimulate users to share and communication platform to accelerate the promotion and service resources.

live + video, how profitable?

through the sale of resources, advertising, to play into the reward, membership dues, electricity providers into cash.


If your car is

Master, rich on car maintenance knowledge, can use the micro system to share your expertise, to absorb fans, and by car maintenance related companies to bring more opportunities for cooperation.

through the "video + live", with the share economy theory into distribution incentive mechanism, realize resource realization, experience, ability and Realization of realization "as taking one" social system as the internationalization of business.

later, micro system will be gradually implanted micro cloud business model three original derivative system, let the network red, Master, star, lecturer in >

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