Brands taking business circle of friends began to kill micro polarization

last year, the booming business circle of friends began to be outside play fake, poison mask, MLM, quick money, cheating and other labels; in 2015, layers of exploitation agent, stockpile, arbitrary price, product quality worrying problems gradually become the driving force of the forced derivative industry change. This year, more and more traditional brands, business platform coveted business circle of friends, for the recruitment of derivative of the regular army, at the same time, the small and beautiful micro business as another kind of power are quietly growing.

AI media consulting data show that in 2014 the scale of China’s micro business industry reached 9 million 140 thousand, is expected in 2015 will reach 11 million 370 thousand. The derivative of the industry change, can eradicate fake ills and restore the circle of friends and pure, can become a catalyst to enlarge "social + electricity chemical effect of


– the awakening of


large number of brands playing abacus derivative

Taking a micro peach

agent in a small mask, suddenly transformation into health care products, egg products, soil 3C have no relevance to the product. This year, many brands have begun to attract independent micro business, the level is very flat, shipped to the customer service, brand operators will be solely responsible for peach decided to earn commissions from a deep pocketed brands that are no longer worried about the goods store. Like this peach in the transformation of small and micro business, it is nowadays many brands compete for the object. Now the big push micro business, not only cosmetics Po Laiya, Han beam, South Korea, and Haier, the United States and other traditional home appliance manufacturer, the electricity supplier has been cautious about the "direct originator" Amway also announced its entry into the circle of friends.

exploration from the center of e-commerce to the mobile terminal to the center of the transformation of sales, many brands have become a level strategy. Roley home textile stationed in Ali in 2012 electricity supplier, in 2014, double 11 electricity supplier sales reached 188 million yuan. Roley textile micro business leader Zou Zhenhang said, in April this year, Roley began recruiting textile derivative, derivative threshold is reduced to the minimum, does not need to pay agency fees, do not need to hoard goods. "Each agent can develop sub agents, but can get a commission of up to two." Zou Zhenhang said, taking the background distribution in micro Carolina share a link to the circle of friends, as long as people through the link to complete the payment, you can get 15% of the derivative agent into the next level of sales success, he also can be divided into another 5%.

"in fact, from 2014 onwards, we put the derivative as a O2O link in, let the traditional stores do online and offline diversion, orders can be viewed at any time, now we develop personal micro business, is to try to sell to the intermediary, through acquaintances social relationships and activate the new demand, expand new customers." Zou Zhenhang said. In order to guarantee its micro professional business, micro business department Carolina weekly through WeChat group for their training, work is not very busy white-collar business, time relatively free, self-employed housewives and some micro business experience of WeChat users is the main force in the stage of the micro business team.


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