Second generation is a frequent online shopping helper or disguised cattle

Xinhua News Agency "Chinese Internet" reporter Yang Na Zhang Xuan

with the double 11 approaching, the major electricity supplier platform early force, has launched the spike seconds grab and other promotional activities. In recent years, "double 11" and the ever popular network promotion Festival has spawned a number of "second generation" and "generation making". This is a special network for consumers to buy the service is reasonable will not affect the fairness of online shopping will cause consumers to disclose personal information?.

second generation family: a coupon earn 50 yuan

double 11 and come, many online shopping has already been filled with shopping cart, just waiting for the moment in November 11th morning rush to buy. In fact, today, the double 11 front was pulled longer, Taobao, Jingdong, Amazon and other electricity providers have long been launched a platform to give coupons, second grab and other related activities.

on the day of class does not have enough energy to keep the computer in the middle of the night to grab one, but do not want to miss such a good chance of promotion, how to do? Meet this demand, the electronic business platform has emerged a number of second-generation family "seckill", dedicated to grab second service.


, 24, is a member of the second generation. He is a student in the school, this year, through the second coupon, to 50 yuan to sell the price of the Jingdong to reduce the coupon of 300 yuan, earned a total of $200.

Mr. Wu told reporters, once accidentally in the network to see consumers in cash coupons, on the initiation of the "second generation" coupon idea, and in the taste of sweetness opened two accounts for grab coupons.

Mr. Wu said, in fact, a ticket sold 50 yuan is not low, but still someone received. Because for these buyers, with coupons can be reduced by 300 yuan, they are equivalent to earn $250.

in this regard, Zhejiang University School of computer science, said Dr. Xu Chao, a lot of time to distribute coupons platform is not reasonable, but also limited release, there is a market demand.

industry: second generation similar network scalpers

recently, the reporter in Taobao on behalf of the second generation on behalf of the film and other keywords to search, there have been a number of related businesses.

these businesses on the page on behalf of the second process shows that consumers need information to provide commercial links, shooting time, Taobao account and password, but also indicate that consumers need to cooperate with businesses on behalf of the second payment within the specified time, overdue do no refund and other requirements, and claimed that the auction rate of 100%. "Accounts give us absolute security" will not change any account information".

reporter through the search for a number of second generation merchant page found that the second generation price is divided into 5 yuan, $15, $100 and other different grades. As for sales, some businesses recently sold dozens or even hundreds of orders. Among them, clothing, home appliances, concert tickets and other goods on behalf of more, there are some businesses >