Shop promotion to improve the conversion rate of the necessary 6 steps

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financial crisis does not seem to prevent the development of e-commerce, on the contrary, the financial turmoil to a certain extent, but also to make e-commerce more and more fire. E-commerce site how to effectively promote the electricity supplier has become a hot topic. But there are a lot of people have such a question: I through the promotion, flow up, but why the order is less it? I think a lot of shop operators have similar problems. Hair shop shop promotion blog set up has been 2 months, have been talking about how to improve the flow shop, how to carry out online promotion, so many people remember the hair shop shop shop promotion blog, but has not made on how to improve the conversion rate of promotion of understanding, today, hair shop discussions and everyone in here.

first, please shop owner who think: he is how to carry out online promotion? Send spam? QQ or introduce mass plug-in? / virus promotion? Crazy to buy ads? Two marketing or customer and so on


the way to promote the merits of I will not say, hair shop shop promotion only according to their own experience and summarize the network some cases give you several ways to improve the conversion rate of the shop, for reference only.

1, is your web site designed to be friendly, or does it make you want to buy?

in the eyeball economy era, you whether the shop suddenly attracted the eyes of the customer? What is your product? How to embody the characteristics in the design of the product and is different from other competitors? For shop operators to look at the shop design do not, but should stand in the perspective of consumers to consider. In the design of the characteristics of the product and the characteristics of the shop at a glance show. A man without qualities will not be remembered, and a distinctive personality tends to make people give themselves a gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, shop the new face, let consumers remember your


2, do you have a rich product?

survey shows that the provision of a wealth of information is conducive to the promotion of online shopping conversion. Therefore, the more detailed the introduction of your product features, product display the more clear picture, the higher the interest of consumers, the desire to buy more strongly. If you have a large number of product information, please try to make many goods in your shop, if not enough, you can try to sell some goods in other stores, customers buy, can transfer goods.

3, do you have an online customer service tool?

in the desire to buy produce at the same time, you have to provide online consulting support? Consumers certainly do not want to consult him in time, can not find the shop staff, of course, you can also take the initiative to invite consumers to help users solve problems. Remember: please keep smoothly communication tools online shop.

4, a promotion? Rimmon kicked a good


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