Jingdong mall hanging mianzhanpai about four of the electricity supplier price or empty

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Beijing, April 18, (IT channel Zuo Shengdan) 5.1 is approaching, suning.com, Gome online, Yi Xun, the 1st shop and many other household appliances are on a new round of price war eager, the breakdown of these enterprises, less of a familiar figure – Jingdong. It is understood that the recent suning.com executive vice president Li Bin in micro-blog to the Jingdong launched 418 afternoon; the United States is also actively preparing for the sales promotion; Yi Xun had earlier launched the "price protection", aimed at the Jingdong; one shop also launched the "mobile phone" activities in the near future, "happen" and the Jingdong’s mobile phone mall hit a car festival.

face peer aggressive posture, Jingdong has chosen to avoid. Earlier this year, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong announced that this year is the Jingdong of " " years to recuperate; also claimed that in the fourth quarter of the Jingdong will be able to achieve the true sense of the profit. Recently, the Jingdong mall chief marketing officer Lanye also made clear that the price competition is coming to an end, not the pursuit of pure Jingdong mall price competition.

this industry experts Lu Zhenwang analysis on micro-blog, once the Jingdong into a price war, will become scarred, it is difficult to extricate themselves into a huge loss. The Jingdong was started by the price war, the rapid expansion of the scale, but now fast and easy, one store and suning.com are still using the price war to grab share, Jingdong share will be lost, but maintaining the status quo, and quickly complete the construction of logistics and ecological, open and distance from the opponent, is a permanent solution.

Gome, Suning difficult about Jingdong war

announced Gome online before the January launch of a long "strongest anniversary month super none other promotional activities, the activities of the time will continue to" 51 "golden week. This and last year 8 • 15 electricity supplier war different. Last year, it seems that the electrical appliances do not want money, we bloody melee, but this year we have been closely calculated, which products do promotions, which is to ensure that the gross profit. The bloody rack is boring." Peng Liang, vice president of the United States, said the United States and the United States to ensure the size of the procurement of billions of dollars to ensure the competitiveness of online products.

as Gome’s old rival, Suning Appliance Jindong recently made it clear, "the price war will of course play." Zhang Jindong is confident of Suning the cloud provider model, traditional retailers must transition, the traditional electricity providers are also the bubble, is not sustainable, and our cloud providers mode will provide a new model for the entire industry." Suning.com executive vice president Li Bin said the price war period, the whole category in April 5 billion the supply will be fully into the market, super 0 yuan buy large none other activities will be fully.

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, April 18th, is the anniversary of the United States, however, the major electricity supplier still at the Jingdong store. However, this year the Jingdong doesn’t seem willing to stir in the war, said this year will be "at their own pace to arrange the work, rather than follow the footsteps of others to go."

expert analysis of the industry, the price war is

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