Luxury brands in the United States sued Alibaba suspected of selling fake goods

NetEase Francisco May 15th message, according to Reuters, the French Open Cloud group (Kering SA) a number of luxury brands in the United States on Friday filed a lawsuit against the Alibaba group, accusing the latter intentionally counterfeiters selling its products to create the possibility in the world.

Open Cloud’s luxury brand Gucci (Gucci), Laurent (Yves Saint Laurent), (Balenciaga) and other brands, filed the lawsuit in the U.S. federal court in Manhattan, alleging the defendant’s alleged violation of the provisions of the law on trademark and fraud, and claim damages to the defendant issued an injunction.

said the lawsuit, Alibaba has conspired to produce counterfeit products for its sales and transportation services. The counterfeit products used the plaintiff’s trademark without permission.

Alibaba spokesman declined to comment.

over the years, including Taobao, Alibaba platform has been plagued by fake and shoddy products. Although in 2012, the United States Trade Representative Office in view of the progress that has been made from Taobao "bad market" (notorious markets) list.

filed a lawsuit on Friday, is to open the cloud group’s brand in less than a year, the second prosecution Alibaba suspected of selling counterfeit products.

in July last year, the group opened a similar lawsuit. However, after the opening of the cloud group and Alibaba to reach a settlement and to maintain the power to prosecute again, the company revoked the lawsuit in the month.

‘s lawsuit on Friday said the Alibaba and its related entities "sell fake and shoddy products to American customers, provide market advertising and other necessary services to counterfeiters".

this case also said for example, China businesses provide suspected counterfeit Gucci bag, only $2 each to $5, while the real Gucci handbag retails for $795.

lawsuit said, even if it is clearly informed that there are businesses in the sale of counterfeit products, Alibaba still allows the merchant to continue to sell counterfeit products on its platform.

, among other things, the court ordered the court to prohibit the sale of counterfeit products to facilitate the sale of Alibaba, and asked for compensation.

(Liu Chun)

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