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in front of an article to share with you the way to make money selling blog links, itbruce also put the article released to the webmaster website, I estimate is too exposed selling links this sensitive words, found some deleted not approved. Adsense network is good, share my article. Some editors deliberately put Gao, paste that forum strictly not allowed to appear black link posts, in fact most or many black links, the sale and advertising, also has business links. Therefore, I think the blog to make money on the sale of links to the article did not explain inappropriate. Today, this article is published on the blog to share the topic of advertising to make money. Take a look at my own income from the topic advertising.


I recommend the topic of advertising there are two leagues, because I have only done two.

first, is to do a good domestic FEEDSKY. In the 07-09 years of doing quite well, in recent years the topic of advertising is not too much, we need immediate attention, because the official topic cost is limited, once the total cost is not, you are not eligible for advertising. Specific registration is very simple, as long as the registered user submitted to the blog, and then verify the ownership of the blog. The next step is to apply for the verification certificate of advertising fees, that is to give you the topic of blog advertising pricing, the price of my blog is a 80, this price is based on your blog PR and included and originality to set.

second, that is, foreign linkworth, advertising model is also more, with more links to the sale and BLOGPOST, which is the topic of advertising, you can own pricing. You can also apply for advertising, and then wait for the other party to agree to write. Linkworth platform about 30% of fees charged. From the experience of itbruce, the link is not easy to sell, especially Chinese blog, it is best to have a high degree of English blog and originality while PR can be higher. After all, is the English platform, so the English website to join the advertising alliance is a good choice for Chinese advertising, there are not too many. Topic advertising is a good way to make money.

blog on other ways to make money, and then share with you. Welcome to communicate with me and share your experience. The original article from: http://s.itbruce.com/feedsky/ reproduced indicate the source, thank you. First A5.

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