Dangdang announced within 3 years to open the 1000 entity bookstore you are not kidding


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Dangdang to reverse growth, the bookstore from online to offline.

November 24th news, Dangdang announced plans to open 1000 entities in the bookstore within 3 years. According to the interface news reporter, the program has been in the implementation stage, covering MALL stores, supermarket bookstores, county Bookstore multiple types. Dangdang.com first entity bookstore will be opened next month to coordinate Changsha, covers an area of 1200 square meters, and online and offline price.

Dangdang reverse trend moving, the reason why


in November 3rd, Amazon opened the first entity bookstore at the University of Seattle village, named Amazon Books, but Amazon clearly shows that Amazon bookstores is online store price, and the choice of books online sales are good.


Amazon vice president Custer has made it clear that the Amazon Bookstore on the line of practice is to drive to the next line, but also in the bookstore to sell Kindle, Fire Phone and other peripheral products.

can be speculated that Dangdang is also trying to pass this approach, driven by weak performance. Dangdang.com said a few months ago, the founder of Li Guoqing Gou has with the domestic number of physical Bookstore chain through the entity shop online and offline price problems, and put forward to protect maori.


, like Amazon dangdang.com whether family stand deep, store the line into the consumption of

?According to

dangdang.com announced in September 1st second quarter earnings, dangdang.com last quarter net loss of 21 million 200 thousand yuan in revenue sources, media products revenue and merchandise revenues constitute the main income dangdang.com in the quarter; that is to say, audio books Dangdang business started did not bring much profit to the company. Dangdang gross margin fell from 15.2% in the previous quarter to $14.8%, a record low since 2013.

Dangdang promised a lot of things have been a lot of media voice. Back in October 2014, Dangdang had revealed to the media to the electricity supplier transformation, and change the Logo. In fact, from online sales of books and even O2O, touched the fiery Internet banking, Dangdang have involved, but these efforts have not been reflected in recent quarterly earnings.

as the first overseas listed companies, dangdang.com was in July this year also had the privatization of the mind, but in the end still settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Affected by the privatization of the news, Dangdang shares from last year’s $12 began, all the way down to $6.88. Dangdang does not rule out the bookstore is to boost the stock speculation.

in China, physical bookstore has been regarded as the sunset industry. According to the book statistics, 200>

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