Shop hey hey, online shopping community service station ambitions behind

[introduction] this year, SF hey off from the shop, then blowing a black storm, it is declared a year to open 4000 stores. The outside world for hey off controversy is also quite a lot, including the voices of doubt. The extreme is more direct to him sentenced to death. Hey, hey, did you do something wrong,



seeing is believing, the author with doubts, visited a hey is located in Beijing Da Wang Road near, and everyone Tucao this unpopular hey off mode, of course, does not mean there is a negative tucao.

I’ve seen hey hey

had some experience for hey off the article, the author think that the basic situation of the hey off description is still relatively good, relevant information of the picture is also very rich, here no longer repeat, readers may refer to the previous article. However, it should be emphasized that some of the information and the information that I think should be understood.

1, physical display is allowed to buy. This is an error correction information, there is an article to say hey show customers to see the physical goods do not allow customers to buy, shop, the author specifically asked whether you can buy physical goods, the answer is yes. Perhaps the provisions of the previous and the current provisions are different, but the current shop to get the news is that physical goods can be purchased.

2, although the first SF hey off has been in business for a few months, but hey off the current line function is not perfect, are preparing for the test phase, lead directly to the user’s shopping experience is poor. At present Inn hey online shopping on the wall show, only a small part of the commodity information display with a two-dimensional code, most of it is information. With the two-dimensional code information to consumers through the scan code, consumers will directly enter the product page, but the page is not good luck, but to provide goods directly into the third party merchants online page. And those who do not have a two-dimensional code of goods, is more complex, need the consumer based brand and other relevant information, to find the corresponding brand shopping stores in the flat, further to find the product, and eventually into the third party business page.

3, in the third page browse the merchandise information after the purchase, consumers can direct orders and payment, but only want to buy the goods will be added to the shopping cart, and then by the store staff to help you orders to pay, money is charged for goods on-site staff, that is to say the final transaction link done online, rather than complete online. The staff told the author, leading to this result is because SF mall is not on the line, these businesses are businesses at the mall on the line, then enter the consumer will be the mall page instead of third party merchants own page, consumers will have their own independent account, and store on-line specific time, probably in October.

4, purchased by the hey off stores of goods, most of the use of the SF logistics distribution, but also not all commodities will be used.

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