The mud Fang 1 fold preferential he Beibei 9.8 anniversary

today, babe network 9.8 anniversary grand unveiling, a superb collection of beautiful things of goods and people can not help but special attention, a lot of big strong support also let users look forward to the mother. The day before, the mud Fang Qing sent greetings to President Wanma babe network anniversary by video, but also to the audience 1 fold discount to consumers.


is the Royal Square mud mask as the core of the skincare brand, the brand name has been derived from the imperial tribute, and become the palace beauty products saint "Royal mud" raw materials. In recent years, the strong development has been actively expanded from the line to the line, to become one of the favorite female Mask beauty brands. The 9.8 anniversary, President of the Royal Square mud Kazuma specially recorded video for babe network birthday at the same time, will also be the 1 fold to 50 million mum welfare babe network users.


to buy a mask, in the enjoyment of the mud Fang large discount at the same time, but also enjoy the website launched Beibei full 300 by 300, massive red, etc., draw seckill preferential benefits, fold the temptation has brought back a lot of mother’s shopping desire.

in addition to the Royal Square mud, there are a number of brand power babe network 9.8 anniversary birthday video recording, executives will also be in Beibei site in turn play, super multi surprise will be sent to welfare.

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