Together with the webmaster, to experience the sea and flame

      graduation for more than a month, into a view of a big company is very good in others, but that heavy political office is I can not accept and adapt, but fortunately just signed agreement rather than a formal contract, so chic jumped out. Spent a week in the 51job crazy looking for work, the results of a few interviews, inadvertently entered the present company, a company that makes the Internet, a company specializing in dealing with the owners. So I also know Admin5 the laggards, etc. This is a fun place, here is my this day to what one sees and hears and done, here to share.

      nine in the morning to clean the table, punch, the MM Jiepi drop. Then, according to the company boss instructions joined several webmaster QQ group, are worthy of is the professional network, and through the imagination group faster than me. After the highest level of the company MM to give us a meeting, ha ha, this is by far the most passionate I have seen MM, than I just a month ago, the boss of the dormitory also cattle. The boss made my passion a little tears, the original Internet is this drop. When I was still in the excitement of the past did not return to the taste, the boss has given me a task. Let me follow a beautiful such as Teresa Teng’s MM learning to do promotion: a young man’s cool dating website promotion (this is my love, my family is also cool), the other is a white-collar white-collar friends wedding website (the sweat ah, I’m not a white-collar, I fly collar, I say I don’t want to get married). But I am pretty MM Master said: This is half of the water, half of the flame.

    these two sites are today for the first time on-line promotion, so we will hold a telephone to start playing, the phone side fingers on the keyboard for owners in the group, because I was new, it is MM because of it, so it is quite popular drop. But this does not stop the duplication of work is a bit boring, want again to the webmaster on the phone said: for young people dating site is good, suitable for your site, a registered 2.2 yuan income; immediately change another phone to another station, said at this time for this the white-collar dating website of your website, one of the 1.5 registered income, you can try it on. And so, to repeat, that night when the two talk will also want to blurt out…… , but the group is really very cute, in the phone is so polite, perhaps is to do this group of people are standing high quality.

because these two products he said is the first line, point to all the outstanding website linked to the boss, the afternoon continue to call, including the audit new website owners to apply, hey, I an afternoon approved more than and 20 applications. In the meantime, I met an interesting webmaster, he must recognize

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