Thin goods Street Chinese version of Etsy, business model why more and more like Amazon

we have noticed that the thin goods street platform since the line, in terms of market operation and product management, are very similar to the U.S. manual online store platform Etsy. Hope to learn from the United States in the marketing and product Etsy some successful experience, completely copy the Etsy business model, trying to build China’s largest original manual network trading platform.


, after all, in China, compared with the United States developed network, China network coverage is not complete, in many areas, people still do not believe the authenticity and reliability of online shopping, many manual creators do not know how to through the Internet to manage their own products. If the full reference to the Etsy model, it is clear that there are many bottlenecks, more seriously, it does not have the possibility of market manipulation.

completely copy Etsy, go C2C mode, it is not feasible. If it is perpendicular to the B2C platform, take the niche route, is the direction of development is not creative business? Dilute goods street market official, take creative route by way of B2C, will walk into a dead end. The original manual, is a kind of non standardized products, it should highlight the advantages of non standardized products, or what customers will choose to dilute goods street? Not to mention these non standardized products in the warehouse to sell itself there is a risk of inventory stagnation pressure. The selection of non standardized products, can be understood as a high quality of life requirements, and has a unique personality, the pursuit of a perfect crowd.

based on this point, dilute goods street in replicating the Etsy experience, made some changes in the business model, according to Amazon’s business model, to build a B2C+C2C platform, one is to let the manufacturers will provide a platform to supply, sale and delivery are responsible for the platform; the other is the third party businesses in the dilute goods shop in the street, responsible for product sales and distribution. The two modes of flexible let buyers and sellers choose more suitable for their own way, this business model is more close to the situation of our country, dilute goods street through continuous improvement and development, Etsy has been on the road closer, more and more like Amazon business model.

clearly, through this transformation is successful, dilute goods street has a great development in the past two years in the market have a certain competitive advantage, has become as a creative leading e-commerce platform.

of course, it’s not a coincidence that thin street can achieve so much. I think they have done a good job in several ways. In the first mode of platform, adjust more to meet domestic demand, by way of B2C+C2C, meet with or without network operating conditions of the various types of merchants settled in demand, has gained considerable profits in the import of goods, but also through the third party’s direct access to the creator, provides greater space and lower the price for the consumer; second is the division of the team more clearly, by dilute Huo Jie founding team, we can find the rare goods platform in the street "

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