Many ministries moves standard double 11 stressed first price and then discount

Beijing November 10 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Li Jinlei) this year "double 11" can rest assured to buy buy buy? Recently, the national development and Reform Commission, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, quality inspection administration, Ministry of Commerce and other ministries have moves, this year’s "double 11" full range of specifications, false discount, fake courier warehouse explosion, etc. chaos is expected to decrease.


requirements may not be the first price and then discount

this year, double 11 is coming, the major electricity supplier platform has begun pre-sale and other promotional activities. This "double 11", consumers can be assured to buy buy buy


review over the "double 11" can be found, the explosive growth in sales at the same time, the price of fraud, false advertising, unfair competition, sales of fake and shoddy goods, delivery delays, return difficult problems will appear.

among them, the first price after the discount is a lot of businesses customary sales gimmick, and this has become the focus of consumer issues. In this regard, the regulatory authorities banned, the requirements shall be first price and then discount.

called on the business administration of the 7 Jingdong, Alibaba and other 15 electricity supplier, held standard network centralized promotional activities of administrative guidance, for promotional activities organizers and operators to comply with the norms of promotional activities, not the price and then discount the first opportunity to shoddy, or impurities.


a typical case of fake exposure

in previous years "double 11" period, some businesses selling shoddy, fake and shoddy goods, therefore, fake problem is also widely criticized for consumers.


, SAIC requirements shall not take the opportunity to pass, yijiachongzhen. Prohibits the use of counterfeit goods for promotional gifts.

Quality Inspection Administration recently issued a notice, decided to carry out the "double 11" consumer electricity supplier in the field of law enforcement operations. For the main online shopping platform and key consumer goods, around the masses more complaints, the price is unreasonable, the media exposure of the product, carry out Mopai, collecting clues.

in the "double 11" period, quality inspection administration will make full use of "big data", "cloud computing" technology, the integration of the electricity supplier consumer law enforcement information, issued a warning message through newspapers, radio, television and Internet media, and guide consumers to rational consumption, to resist low quality vicious competition atmosphere. By then, will focus on the exposure of typical cases, improve business enforcement and deterrent influence.

for possible online sales of fake and shoddy goods, the Ministry of commerce also said, according to the requirements of the beginning of this year issued the "2016 national combat IPR infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods points", with the relevant departments will strengthen supervision of the network trading platform, to crack down on illegal behavior. Also developed a law enforcement cooperation and joint law enforcement action plan, will actively promote inter regional, inter sectoral cooperation in law enforcement.

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