Lasafo by Beijing food and Drug Administration for investigation of suspected counterfeiting smuggli had previously claimed that all goods sold authentic licensed

days ago, reporters from the Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Supervision Bureau, the Bureau of Inspection Corps recently received complaints from consumers about the only product of Le bee after allegedly selling fake "has been officially registered, and the organization of law enforcement officers on the scene warehouse.

earlier, also received consumer complaints Ms. Qi said, she purchased from mask packaging no certificate of imported cosmetics approval number or inspection, but also did not find the goods imported cosmetics hygiene permit no.. The food and drug supervision departments complaints only after she allegedly sold Le bee accepted, the investigators interviewed. Ms. Qi said: Food and drug regulatory authorities, said feedback has been in the only product is located in Beijing, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Logistics Park warehouse more than one thousand boxes of cosmetics inspection."

Beijing food and drug administration, said the case has been filed and law enforcement officers on-site investigation, the relevant evidence is being verified and determined, the specific facts of the investigation to the end of the investigation to determine the facts.

reporter called Le bee network, the relevant staff said, is willing to further communication with consumers, investigate and deal with the product situation.

Le bee network is a sales of cosmetics based vertical electricity supplier website, was acquired in 2014 by CEO Shen Ya said to the media, to ensure that 100 percent no fakes, is the top priority after taking over the bee network". At present, Lasafo "authentic cosmetics sale website as the main promotional language.

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