Ah Hai buy tell you women like what kind of surprise

girlfriend I am too boring, not romantic, no surprise to her, how should I do? There are often male friends asked me. Some of my friends, will be attentive to his girlfriend, will send a birthday gift. From their words seemed to feel wronged, girlfriend too difficult or hypocritical, their concern is not enough to impress my girlfriend heart? So I asked some of my female friends.

, a female friend loves to watch old movies, but feel hard to get old movies. Once went to the boyfriend’s house, opened his computer and found a folder on the desktop, the note of ‘dear love of the movie’, click open to find all the things she wanted to see on watercress. This folder is for him to prepare for her, but not enough time to give, her boyfriend is also a person who is not very sweet, so he used a thoughtful action to express love. We always thought that the surprise is deliberately created by the romantic, but many times, the surprise is just a warm little discovery.

also has a college girl, separated in two places with her boyfriend, a typical long-distance relationship. There was a time when the girl because the work is not very good mood, but also because a little sesame mung bean big things with a boyfriend quarrel. She said: break up. He said, how long is it for an hour?. He said, then, one night, she did not care for him, turn off the phone to sleep. The morning of the second day, she was awakened by the ringing of the door, open the door and saw her boyfriend unshaven tired to stand at the door, had been sitting for four hours, in order to tell her to say: I quit, do not want to separate with you. Maybe later on, it is so impulsive, but in the moment, no girl will not be touched. Like a girl said she had a cold. The best answer is not to drink plenty of water, but went straight to her. The biggest surprise is when I need you, you’ll be by my side.


and for me, what kind of surprises do I really like? In fact, I recently experienced the most surprising, is the moment I received the package. Whether it is my husband to buy me, or I buy, women enjoy the process of waiting. Every time when I open Oh sea purchase APP, saw the account and the new gift of several coupons, you can not help but want to buy a few single, oh sea purchase is my most love for APP, like my husband like to make people feel assured and reliable. Every day before going to bed, think of new things on the road, I feel happy. Brush several times a day logistics information, when to ah. Every day to pay attention to where they go, the husband’s trip has not been so concerned about ah, ha ha. Finally, they arrived at the city where I was, and finally the courier was sending a piece and finally heard the doorbell. Open the door and deliver me the parcel. Mom, I went to buy something new. There’s a feeling of getting a gift! Open the package and take out what you buy. The Clinie replenishment mask, Ian snail cream, delicious white lover, ah, the sea purchase meets all my.

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