PHLPS hand micro whale more full of good content to you look good

"you can’t just ask customers what they want and then do something about it. You do it, they have been in love with another woman." Jobs of this sentence is regarded as the true saying manufacturing. The customer has no obligation to tell you what he likes, but the manufacturer is always obliged to understand the customer’s pain points, and through their own products to solve these pain points.

when the rapid development of smart TV, traditional TV and Internet TV veteran brand upstart Zhuluzhongyuan, "ecological theory" and "experience theory", "hardware stack theory" and other kinds of new concept of dazzling, people began to think: what kind of TV is a good TV


PHILPS, a "good TV" cannot do without the brand accumulation, there must also be a "powerful combination of hardware + software", which is also called "hardware + content + good brand" "three TV"



PHILPS for 125 years of brand history for the TV has injected a wealth of brand connotation, innovation and technological strength and super global supply chain is always leading the industry development trend. Hardware strength and brand strength of PHILPS TV in the industry and the construction of content resources obvious to people, is much concern.

how to quickly get the massive content resources in a short period of time? The curve line speeding PHILPS TV to choose a "combination", take the initiative to establish open TV platform, from 2014 onwards has teamed up with the Internet resources giant Ali several entertainment and the penguin TV create a series of smart TV, with an open attitude of cooperation quickly in "the content construction of quantum leap.

at the same time, PHILPS has been looking for more partners. In 2016, micro technology into PHILPS’s vision of the whale, which was established by Li Ruigang and Li Huaiyu in 2015, the Internet technology company, Ott offers online video service, by the Chinese culture, Tencent, Alibaba, CNR jointly launched, backed by hundreds of billions of funds, with the advantages of content and incomparable leading content operation ability. The depth of cooperation with the micro whale, is another heavy PHILPS TV content service construction.



TV series TV+ Penguin whale micro integration mango TV+ micro integrated whale content, has thousands of overseas Tencent of Hollywood blockbusters, "Chinese" new song "happy camp" "every day" "we have come to the" multi variety ace, "Friends" "eight House" to "a perfect companion" etc. The 110+TVB hit series; the latest and most popular movie resources integration, consumers do not need to install a APK film, you can enjoy the latest and most popular content resources.


65 inch curved TV is the flagship model of the PHILPS micro whale series, PHILPS

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