Best buy will sell completely Chinese business as blue new blood transfusion

following the exit of Europe last year, the global electronics retailer has recently been exposed is considering the sale or cooperation of China business development, in order to better focus on the American market.

in early February 2011, best buy announced the full closed in Chinese 9 independent brand stores, its business in China to buy into all China Jiangsu Five Star Appliance Co arm to survive this has been regarded as the "best buy". The five star CEO Chinese President Zhou Meng is best buy.

best buy only two business brand in Chinese: "five star" and "best buy Mobile (Best Buy Mobile)". According to "IT times" reporter, five star at the end of last year has just invited a French design company to integrate the two business brand in this renovated and newly opened stores, opened new corporate visual identity system (VI): the main colors from the original green to buy the iconic blue in the original, "five star" in the upper right corner of the Logo, the new best buy mobile Logo. Informed sources, design costs reached one million level. Currently, Wuxi, Nanjing, two stores are now enabled this new image, five star appliance, said this year will be a total of 11 stores to upgrade the image.

but on the other side of the ocean, due to the impact of the electricity supplier, best buy in the United States headquarters is gradually losing ground, losing more than $1 billion 300 million in fiscal year 2012. Best buy is brewing internal transformation. 2012 at the end of the CEO Hubert · Joe put forward the blue new program to take layoffs, closed shop and other measures to reduce costs. Today, China’s business and focus on the sale of domestic business, but also to meet the expectations of investors.

obviously, best buy China business is not doing what. Line under Suning and Gome attack, five star currently only in the two or three line of the city Jiangsu, Anhui cloth, ready to "downsizing", the online business late last year began trial operation.

and three years ago off the store event, has not been completely clear. In Shanghai Xujiahui District, best buy has here opened the first store, later became China retail headquarters. The 3 to the 6 floor, more than 8 thousand square meters, this venue buyout of best buy, but has not leased or sold, much of the best buy Logo landscape is still in the evening, still properly lit, although the door closed, but if it never walked. People see this can only sigh best buy "Nouveau riche".

recently, "IT times" reporters once again into the best buy, which saw a "ruin", put hundreds of old computer and other digital products spread all across in confusion. "It’s been wasted for years." A security guard on duty exclamation.

three years, there are rumors that there will once again open, but then settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Building a property company official said, buy the headquarters of the United States has been quite idea, a new arrangement, but the idea was never implemented.

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