Do Wangzhuan wise remark of an experienced person to start from the station began to do

rich uncle Mao in Chinese click Wangzhuan promotion for three years, has accumulated rich experience in the promotion. Many make friends asked me what a good way to promote can pull up to the line, my answer is to do Wangzhuan station, is to have an own Wangzhuan promotion platform.

many friends in Chinese click Wangzhuan, in my experience, most of the friends should not achieve satisfactory returns, do Chinese click Wangzhuan more than fifty yuan monthly income is the master. The reason is that we do Chinese click Wangzhuan mostly need a lot of referral to return. In other words, you have to pull a lot of offline to make money. If you want to pull a large number of referrals, if there is no website publicity, just rely on other forums to continue to promote advertising, QQ group mad advertising links, e-mail should be less effective. One reason is that the general forum will delete these ads, but higher forum is full of this kind of information, it would not achieve good promotion effect.

if you have your own Wangzhuan propaganda platform, then a lot of good, rich uncle Mao from the beginning of the favorites to the free website to have real sense of their own website to go for a year, at least many beginner know Mao rich uncle and uncle Mao Fuda "Wangzhuan station". Many want to do Wangzhuan friends, search for information on the Internet, you might find the website, as long as the content on your site without exaggeration, write sincere, has done detailed introduction to the project. Most people would like to be your downline. If there is a return to reward, then it is easier to pull off the assembly line. So, friends usually have to learn how to do. Even if do not want to do, can also go to apply for a few free blog, use them to recommend Wangzhuan project. Will also be better than just pull down the line. Rich uncle Mao Wangzhuan station access volume is not large, every day is only more than and 300 IP, but because of professional promotion Chinese click Wangzhuan project, so the traffic still has a practical effect, every Chinese click Wangzhuan station appears rich uncle Mao can in the shortest time. Hundreds of referrals, single Wangzhuan station the income as can be imagined.

website to do Wangzhuan, not only more effective, but also to learn more technology. If the website is done there will be full of sound and colour, many people take the initiative to find a home for advertising. Rich uncle Mao Wangzhuan station home advertising 80 yuan a month, also have webmaster here sell website advertising delivery, can maintain the normal site a year in space domain cost. Of course, this time you put some advertising alliance advertising is also good. This way to make money on the Internet a lot of it. It is not just to sell toil, do email, click, do, and hard, but also earn less. At this time, you will make money from the initial email or surf to make money to project toil through the website operation, to obtain more income through web traffic. Recommended to do Wangzhuan friends, now you can begin to set up their own websites. If you want to succeed, you should act immediately. Oh, speak again, please don’t exaggerate project publicity, to guide him honest "

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