.travel domain name registration conditions relaxed today

December 21st hearing, the industry has been concerned about the implementation of the.Travel tourism domain name policy officially implemented today.

according to the country’s first travel domain name service providers to understand the Internet era, and now.Travel domain name registration has been adjusted, in full accordance with the implementation of the new policy. Local names can be registered; special names will no longer be limited; and when the information is no longer required to submit the relevant departments to identify, confirm the time limit will be relaxed, you can provide 3 days before and after the registration of certification.

It is reported that in the past

,.Travel domain name registration is very strict, only amusement park, accommodation catering industry, tourism industry association, 18 tourism related hotel entertainment, railway transportation can be registered, and if you need to register with the enterprise.Travel domain name, must provide proof of relevant data, such as: business license, business registration the annual report is part of a license, etc.. Complicated examination and approval procedures to a certain extent affected the promotion of travel domain names in china.

now, tarvel domain name policy to relax, simplify the registration process, but also lowered the threshold for registration. In the past, relax before have Chinese travel, Ctrip, Mount Huangshan, Wuyishan, Hainan Tourism Bureau, tourism information portal, tourism and tourist attractions for travel domain name, believe that the policy is relaxed with more tourism related enterprises will pay attention to, protect your travel domain name.

[Travel domain name]:.Travel domain name is designed for the emerging global top-level domain of the tourism industry, with.Com/.net and other domain names, belonging to the global domain name. December 31, 2006, the international.Travel travel domain name registration bureau announced the.Travel tourism domain name global open registration. At the same time, the Internet has become China’s first travel domain name service provider, travel domain name officially entered china.

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