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bid farewell to the golden age of the electricity supplier, should clearly recognize that "fake" will become the gate of life.

"100%" is a lot of electricity providers to attract consumers in the home hanging advertising, but it is also this advertisement exposure to the electricity supplier industry weakness – fake, no big shopping malls will play 100% authentic "banners to attract consumers, because the next line shop facing the daily supervision of industrial and commercial and tax departments. The relative management specification. Network fakes, the current circulation of commodity supervision short board. "The circulation of goods quality supervision and management measures" clear "the integration of online and offline regulation" is a major bright spot, intended to padded short piece of board.

at present, China has become the world’s largest electricity supplier retail market, if you can not control the network fakes, regulators will be overhead, online and offline integration supervision is imperative. However, Internet counterfeiting only government regulation of the power is not enough, online shopping platform, enterprises, businesses, consumers need to joint force. Among them, the electricity supplier platform as a link between consumers and businesses is essential.


has been compared to the electricity supplier "Achilles heel", is a common problem facing electricity industry. To Taobao, Jingdong and other leading business platform, or is, and other vertical business platform, and in the last few years just fire up the honey bud, docks and other ocean sea Amoy business platform and so on, just go to the online search, more or less have been linked and fake. Over the past ten years, both the golden years of e-commerce, but also barbaric growth in the past ten years of fakes. In this period, the "growth" is the business of Mingmen, no growth rate, there is no good story, no investor, and "fake" is just a gesture of electricity.

however, last year there are people in the industry to determine e-commerce has gone through ten years of gold. Bid farewell to the golden age of the electricity supplier, should clearly recognize that "fake" will become the gate of life. The circulation of commodity quality supervision and management measures to clear the responsibility and obligation of the operator of the platform, but to the electricity supplier knocked a bell. For hundreds of millions of sales business platform, facing the corresponding obligation of ten thousand yuan to thirty thousand yuan fine performance, it is a drop in the bucket. But the loss of consumers brought fake, but immeasurable. Through the golden age, business growth bottleneck, competition is more intense, if just posturing crackdown, will face the loss of consumers.

in fact, under the supervision of online and offline, should not be confined to the field of commodity circulation, online and offline businesses to strengthen self-discipline, should not be limited to the electricity supplier industry. In recent years, education, medical, food and other industries have set off a wave of "Internet plus", in the hope that the electricity supplier industry for reference, these industries can quickly promote the integration of online and offline monitoring, which will help the industry realize the Internet business, the Internet does not change the nature of the business, both online and offline. Honesty is the management of the same.

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