Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong to do the electricity supplier in the way of new media

February 29th, the National Bureau of statistics released the "2015 national economic and community statistical bulletin", bulletin shows that last year sales of social consumer goods totaled more than 30 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.7%, the Alibaba Group CEO Zhang Yong said, in this data, the contribution of more than 11% Alibaba. In today’s 2016 Tmall global business conference, he said that in all businesses are highly valued e-commerce today, Tmall to become the base of the Internet business transformation and upgrading."


simply, Ali wants to do is to achieve sharing through big data and businesses to help them better capture the user, understanding the user.

wants to share the cake to each B side, Ali made the three pass

in last year’s "double 11" conference, Zhang Yong Ali said this year will be "all in wireless", but now, he said: "we are talking about is not how to enter the mobile Internet era, but how to go out and do the whole channel operation line."

in order to be able to businesses, Zhang Yong at the meeting revealed the member through, commodity through and service through the train of thought.

membership strategy is to help businesses track the behavior of all users. The reason why Tmall has the ability to do so, because it is backed by scouring, grasp the most active consumer information (Zhang Yong said Tmall master more than 600 million of the delivery address, user information, learning, and address etc.) online and offline consumers are actually the same group of people, so the ideal situation is complete, open online and offline, when every transaction is generated, businesses can see not only the turnover, but the user’s consumption behavior and life cycle.

commodity through is to do online and offline SKU and inventory sharing. Zhang Yong said, "for a network" is the product of a specific historical period, but the new era of business practice is for all channels, integrated inventory sharing, improve productivity, make the whole business into a flexible supply chain. Service access is an essential part of the consumer experience, the key is through the Internet tools (such as CRM Management), to achieve business and consumer exchanges.

for the entire channel, behind the user management

for businesses, the first user to become a member, first of all to make them a customer. In digital marketing, the acquisition of Youku potatoes is a very important step, Zhang Yong said that after the completion of the acquisition, through the first thing to do is Ali ID, can help businesses to better identify consumers, to obtain the target population.

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