Double eleven countdown to a group of online discounts unprecedented

October 31st, Premier Li Keqiang hosted the third meeting of the economic situation in Zhongnanhai. After a lapse of nine months, Alibaba Ma once again came to Zhongnanhai as a representative. Ma Yun not only reported the work and the current development situation of online shopping, it is introduced the double eleven "single day" to carry out the situation and said that this year the day sales to break through 30 billion. Premier Li Keqiang affirmed the achievements of eleven, said Ali and Ma created a consumer point of time, not only led to the consumer also led the electricity supplier employment. This year’s double eleven, the major businesses are also actively preparing for war, from 09 years to now the time of the year, the double has become an online shopping feast of, promotion war. Double eleven has become the electricity supplier industry as well as the traditional carnival Festival, not only Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong these large-scale integrated business like a group eager for a fight, in the webmaster group purchase platform is a leading industry of eighteen Wu Yi, hoping to create sales history by double eleven, contribute to the majority of users.

if the quality of service and product quality is usually fight, then the promotion is the only way to set off the explosive topic of double eleven. Double eleven is no longer "singles day" but promotional feast. Consumers and users have formed a mindset, double eleven to buy things that are cheap to promote. Only the price is from, in order to achieve success in the double eleven. A group as the largest webmaster group purchase platform, always pay attention to the service quality and product quality, sales also hit record highs, as the webmaster, it circle to buy virtual products of choice. And the price is the biggest advantage of a network. Last year’s double eleven, a network of single day sales will break through the 50W mark, become the myth of the Group buy market. This year they can break the record of their own creation, but also come up with what unexpected promotions, in the upcoming eleven double stage, so businesses and users are looking forward to.

we all know stationmaster virtual products group purchase market related and unlike other vertical markets so large, every day can have tens of millions or even billions of sales, what is the reason for a network record in double eleven? In addition to brand accumulation of products and services, the most fundamental reason is the promotion. This year’s double eleven, a network once again launched a grand promotional feature (, the top three promotional activities of the attack on the three, through concessions, promotions, product recommendations in a variety of ways to return users. Double eleven promotion assembly has sounded, a group gathered webmaster, it industry various types of software products to meet the needs of customers with competitive price and reliable service, I believe this year will once again cause the topic, sales hit a new high.

from a group of double eleven promotion topics can be seen, this year’s promotion is divided into "double eleven" double limit panic buying activities "eleven Limited brand discount" "buy send" three plates. To meet the needs of different users in different ways.

double eleven limited time limit buying activities

aggregation Ali cloud host, 163K portal system, Tianyi >

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