Foreign trade electricity supplier suffered extortion virus file was encrypted losses

Xiao Li’s foreign trade business doing booming business, a letter ordering mail received recently made her very upset: after open the attached goods specification documents, found on the computer word, Excel and product design have been encrypted, open is garbled. There is a contact between the author of the virus in the encrypted folder, to pay $300 to decrypt.

Figure 1

poisoning computer Office document, the pictures are encrypted, open is garbled

April 17th, cheetah mobile security laboratory issued a warning, the recent acquisition of a number of "extortion" virus variants, currently received dozens of victims every day for help. These viruses by foreign hackers write specifically for overseas business, blackmail and impose exactions on population, from 200 to 500 dollars. Because the computer document electricity traders often have important documents, once encrypted a great loss, so many people to pay the ransom.

Figure 2 hacking blackmail page

Analysis of

cheetah mobile security experts found that the "blackmailer" virus is mainly spread through e-mail, website hackers to leave contact with the virus mail ordering, inquiry mail, mail attachments in the package is a virus, the virus will be connected after the onset of a site in Germany and Holland.

once the user opens the message in the attachment of the virus, the computer documents, pictures, videos and other documents will be encrypted using the RSA-1024 algorithm, the key is in the hands of hackers. RSA encryption has a very high security, unless you get the key, it is almost impossible to decrypt. If you do not accept the conditions of extortion hackers, all important data on the computer almost cannot be retrieved, has brought huge losses to trick users.

According to the

virus, Kingsoft has been upgraded, can be effective in killing the "blackmailer virus" and its variants, and the virus link of technology shielding, but the virus encrypted file cannot be recovered. Cheetah mobile security experts suggest that recently this virus high power, businessmen and other overseas contact people receive mail with attachments should be careful when open, important data files for daily use to make a backup.

Figure 3

Kingsoft to intercept the blackmailer


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