help you online shopping shop decoration color system to help you attract customers

people of color have their own views, and different seasons, different people may have different requirements of time imagine more buyers in the shop to see color, will then turn to visual fatigue, your store is a bright eyes, the same product of course choose taste grade friends. So everyone in the decoration of the time must pay attention to the use of color and color collocation, let me help you talk about the color of the charm of online shopping.

yellow line

yellow itself has a clear and happy effect, so it can be recognized by most people, through the combination of purple, blue and other colors can be warm and pleasant effect. Yellow and black with clear and neat effects can be high chroma, the matching instances in website is often can see. Yellow is the color of a bright and sweet feeling of happiness. Yellow is often used to express the festive atmosphere and rich scenery, while yellow can also play a prominent role, so the use of special signs or want to highlight the background color of the icon.

white line

white is all visible uniform mixture, known as full color, is the symbol of light color in the shop design, with advanced technology, white and other color images, usually need to use collocation. Pure white will bring people cold, harsh feeling, so in the use of white, will be mixed with some other color, such as ivory white, white, white, white apple etc.. In addition, in the use of several colors of the page, white and black can be said to be the most prominent color. In the shop design, when the white and warm colors (red, yellow, orange and red) collocation can increase the gorgeous feeling; and cool colors (blue, purple) collocation can convey the feeling of fresh and fast pro. It is because of the above shortcomings, white is often used to convey bright, clean feeling of the product, such as wedding supplies, health supplies, women’s products, etc..

orange series

orange will often give a person a kind of lively and energetic feeling, it usually makes depressed mood suddenly cheerful. Orange symbolizes love and happiness. Vibrant orange will give people a healthy feeling, and some people say that orange can improve the appetite of patients with anorexia. So white is commonly used in food, cartoon doll products.

red line

is a powerful, festive red color, has a stimulating effect, easy to generate impulse, is a kind of strong spirit of withdrawal, anger, enthusiasm, sense of vitality. In most cases in the shop, the red is used to highlight the color, because the bright red easy to attract people’s attention. High brightness red through the use of gray, black and other non color with the use, you can get a modern and radical feeling. The low intensity of red shines through the classic atmosphere of a cool, calm feeling.

green line

green itself has a certain sense of health related, so it is often used in health related shops. Green is also often used by some of the company’s PR sites or

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