Online shop a hard work a harvest

front seven wrote online shop from "0" to "10000" method, many sellers especially novice sellers are skeptical about seven. In fact, I have in front of the Taobao unspoken rules mentioned in the past, Taobao’s reputation system to a large extent determines the Taobao shop business.

I just joined Taobao in 05 years when the business is doing well, even if you don’t use much the commodity characteristics, the quality is not so good, but every few sales is not a problem, then do not spend money on advertising, do not hurry to the forum posting increase shop the exposure, when everything comes too easy.

the passage of time, 4 years for the Taobao site change is no longer just change their powerful. Lack of customer traffic turns into a lack of sales skills. More and more people dig gold on Taobao. At this time to occupy the Taobao is the intention to do online shop promotion. Continue to put money into Taobao ad. A little slack, sales will fall. More experience is global in various forums and free information release website posting replies. There is no time to rest, every day to keep at the computer or go to the factory to get goods, the only holiday a year is the courier company that day holiday.

now I think the crown sellers should have this kind of experience, one day without sales will rush can’t sleep sleep, the high cost of advertising where to go looking for? And seven have been worried about Taobao’s online shop can fire long, when one day this way of selling not be welcome. We rely on the survival of sellers and the

decide on what path to follow?

have to pay will be rewarded, novice sellers if you want to break out of a piece of heaven and earth in Taobao, first of all to give up the idea that you make money, spend more time in the promotion of the shop.

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