Jingdong layout of the rural market will open 500 stores in the year

at the end of last year in Hebei, Zhaoxian County opened the first Jingdong to help service stores, Jingdong and the county market out of the county service center". Jingdong said yesterday that there are hundreds of county-level service centers into the rural market, and is expected this year there will be more than 500 county-level service centers spread across the country continue to sink channels.

day before, many Jingdong group in the County Service Center opened in Jiangsu Province, Suqian City, Hunan Province, Changsha County, Sichuan Province, Yilong County, Shandong Province Pingdu city. The service center is generally located in the downtown area of the county, with an area of about 150 square meters.

Jingdong responsible person explained, "with the help of Jingdong service shop main service appliance business is different, the" comprehensive County Service Center "is stronger, can be said to be the Jingdong distribution station upgrade edition, by the Jingdong to operate independently. In addition to providing customers with orders, distribution, display and other services, the main responsibilities of the County Service Center also includes recruiting and training rural promoters. According to reports, Jingdong will recruit tens of thousands of rural promoters to provide farmers with aftermarket, financial services. Not long ago, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong together with the "small loan" the father of Yunus station, the Jingdong announced cooperation with the Grameen Bank for China rural financial model of the internet.

Jingdong group vice president Wang Zhijun introduction, the Jingdong will create a "County Center" network system this year, "the service center is not only the extension of the logistics terminals, through rural promotion, the Jingdong will also provide marketing services, customer service service for rural consumers, microfinance, rural financial services."

Since last year,

proposed channel sink strategy, Jingdong started in the rural market offensive, not only in the hundred lower tier city completed 8000 whitewashing advertising, will also "Caravan" to the countryside. Last year’s marketing initiatives for rural consumers have knowledge of Jingdong, Jingdong this year the channel sink into the stage of practical operation, the Jingdong entity stores, logistics and finance% entered the lower line of the city and countryside. Liu Qiangdong said the day before, this year the Jingdong will continue last year’s strategy, which is one of the key strategic channel sink. Wang Zhijun is mentioned, 2015 is the Enlightenment of the rural electricity supplier years, Jingdong to use "County Service Center" mode to move the permafrost.

in the industry view, the electricity supplier enterprises increasingly fierce competition in the rural market. Last year, the Jingdong began to compete with ALI county market, Alibaba held a number of magistrate conference, shaping the "Taobao village", and the Jingdong will use the self built logistics, self mining sales system and supply chain management mode of the rapid penetration of rural market.

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