Electricity providers to take the wind to get through the winter

recently, multiple channels of news shows, Suning has a number of domestic vertical B2C enterprise shares and again negotiate the acquisition scheme, sequence of main high-end clothing brand Martha Marceau Ning in the Soviet Union in mergers and acquisitions. Internet rumors, Martha Marceau and Suning reached a preliminary intention, has entered the stage of mergers and acquisitions due diligence, not surprisingly, Suning will acquire Martha Marceau. This is after the acquisition of Suning red children another acquisition event, Suning is large-scale distribution of vertical business operations; and last week, in addition to a B2C platform CEO mall giant Jingdong Liu Qiang once boasted, the second half of this year, a large number of commercial enterprises will collapse, and the Jingdong will also expand the scale of the acquisition. The acquisition has become the mainstream business enterprise now, major companies attempting to use the bought electricity supplier in winter. 2012 is the business enterprise and the year of decline and nirvana, in this era, there are many companies will fall in the winter, there will be more enterprises through winter, or by some enterprises winter rise, each of which may have, but for now the electricity supplier, how is the strategic security through the winter the key, but now two large enterprises from the action point of view, seems to become a means of acquisition, why content to the acquisition, the author summarized four reasons:

(a) to expand the size of the acquisition to attract VC

VC now for the electricity supplier investment many cautious than before, before a small application or small business enterprise will be high valuation, resulting in a lot of enterprise value and the ideal result is very different, this kind of business failures or still losses, investors’ money can lead to increasingly cautious. And a lot of investors and founder of the recent problems caused by the enterprise is not a problem, the more cautious. Behind the acquisition is to give confidence to investors, companies have bigger and stronger ambitions, companies need to send out signals to attract VC investment.

(two) product line

most of the development of the electricity supplier companies are extensive development, regardless of talent, logistics, distribution, products and so on, is not a sound product system in the electricity supplier during the winter is the most vulnerable. Today I see about where the products improve the old customer, Miss listed, but welcome is the perfect product system where customers, ranging from problems accumulated was found before treatment, then the treatment is not easy. For electricity supplier companies, improve the product system is fundamental to the development of enterprises, the use of resources to maximize the enterprise, the enterprise has more capital in the electricity supplier in the winter to survive the strong.

(three) acquisition of business enterprise to create

why the business enterprise purchase will attract so much attention, is a part of Suning is Chinese retail giant, Jingdong is China large B2C companies, but some more important is that many people are concerned about the development of the electricity supplier, the development prospects of the industry engaged in the field of electricity providers know is promising, but no touch direction is now mostly exists, not to mention the recent remarks more electricity supplier winter >

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