Foreigners outside the box make money online 9 killer


if the world economic crisis makes you panic, then please do not continue to despair. If you are good at discovering, the Internet will be a place full of opportunities for you. The following list will show you the right direction. None of the following ideas can make you a full-time income, but they can give you extra income.

if you have any good suggestions, please share with us in the comments.

1, hands on site

buy the site and then sell it to earn the difference, has become a good way to make money. Site transactions and real estate transactions, it is still relatively stable. There are a lot of people in this way to earn amateur income.

2, design competition

more and more smart companies are changing their minds, they offer a reward through the Internet, organized a design competition to get the results of professional quality. For web designers, this competition offers a steady stream of potential customers. If your work won the bid, there will be a lot of money reward.

3, original works

It’s not easy for

to find a full-time creator, but selling the work you create free of work (such as text, audio, video, images, etc.) gives you extra income.

4, the sale of goods

It’s not likely that you will be able to become a millionaire overnight, but by doing so, it will be a reality to earn extra money in tough economic times,

said. We have some idle things in life, no longer need anything even has never been used before, we can sell them on the eBay shopping site, it will get some extra income. Because, after all, a person’s garbage may be another person’s treasure!

5, design t-shirt

if you are a good designer, you can try t-shirt design in Threadless. Winning entries will receive $2000 in cash, $500 worth of T-shirts and a Threadless winner’s honor.

6, the product named

if you are not a designer, you can also make money on the internet. NameThis is a contest website where users can name a new product or service on the site. If your name is chosen by the company, you will receive an income.

, 7 part-time jobs

some websites are jobs information, they can allow enterprises to easily outsource. These tasks are often simple, but not

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