Sue look for billion weekly and monthly advertising!

for weekly and monthly advertising


against two big advertisers purchase officially began today will be a large number of procurement monthly, weekly advertising, if your site is the following two categories will have a better chance to get the favor of advertisers


travel. Advertisers are interested in transit network (, as long as you can have contact against marketing consultant travel websites for launch, QQ625243719


consumer. The advertiser is Tesco network (, the main tendency and delivery of maternal and child classes, books, web site, IT digital station, station, station and other foreign language information, if your site is above category, you can contact us billion to marketing consultant, Daewoo QQ253913910

more than two types of Web sites can contact the billion to discuss marketing consultant. Not more than two types of Web sites, you can advertise on the billion to publish their own transactions, billion will help you recommend to advertisers. There is a very good website contact: big red bean QQ918421157

related issues:

advertising did not sell out to make money!

million in the release of advertising transactions, put on the advertising code, if the ad is not sold, the first display of competitive advertising, advertising for the lowest 0.2 yuan per click. If there is no match for the bidding system, the system has access to advertising, it is displayed with the distribution of advertising, advertising with the lowest 0.1 yuan per click.

what is the direct investment, bidding, distribution, advertising


: refers to the direct advertising advertising a long time and billing, general daily, weekly, monthly billing.

competitive advertising: refers to the advertising in the long time when the billing is not sold, if the match on the bidding advertising, display advertising. The lowest bid price is 0.2 yuan a click.

wildcard wildcard advertising: advertising refers to a long time did not sell, auction ads didn’t match, at this time if the system has a wildcard wildcard will display ads, advertising, advertising price is 0.1 yuan with a click.

default advertising: registered billion, advertising code, but the site has not been audited, this time shows the default advertising billion. Default ad clicks are not billing. Billion will be in a working day to review the site has been released code. After the audit, will according to the priority above display advertising, priority, direct investment, bidding, through advertising, advertising with the default


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