Feasibility analysis report of earning $100

      no cheating, no exaggeration, abandon any opportunistic and cheating, this paper objectively analyzes the feasibility to earn $100, involving a variety of data are true data in this paper.

      I: analysis project

      I think the early years there have been many kinds of click Wangzhuan company (PTC), I want to explain this kind of PTC model: the members of the company is divided into two kinds of members and advertisers, advertisers spend money on advertising to the company, the company put the ads according to each member’s interests show member member, click on the ads, advertisers put advertising divided by the company and the member. For example, the Coca Cola Co to PTC advertising, he paid $1 per click, the distribution of the Coca-Cola advertising for beverage interested members, members click on the ads, and each member $0.5.

      in recent years, this kind of PTC company has been gradually depressed, since the clixsense (not allowed to participate in the mainland of China) to the emergence of its re emergence. It’s easy to get a few dollars a day on a clixsense ad.

      recently, click class (PTC) network to make money the most popular are Adbux and Bux, Bux is a Adbux copy, recently caused Adbux annoyed forced Bux to modify their own websites, Bux without innovation, there is no unique pattern, do not know what the outcome will be, but there is no problem. Also, can participate in. And it can be described as Adbux in full swing, I believe that the vast majority of old friends have also participated in the. Click on the ad at Adbux for a minimum of $0.01 reward. The biggest advantage of Adbux is that it introduces the 100% reward offline, that is, your downline earn $100, Adbux will reward you $100.

      two: PTC project advantage

      1 long term stability. PTC project has been popular for many years, will not disappear in the future, without cheating, never worry about the account was stopped and confiscate your income.

      2 resource rich, inexhaustible. The PTC project is not a site, a company to do, now common with thousands, you also do not affect each other, even if a site of poor management and closed, you will lose a drop in the bucket.

      3 Many a little make a mickle. promising. Take the current PTC typical website abbu>

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