PR Christmas blockbuster event DEDECATES big promotions

PR alliance at the end of 07 months on the occasion of Christmas, the grand launch of heavy activity, where in December 07 delivery of software products members are eligible to participate in this activity, a lot of money, welcome to join the webmaster.

activity cycle: 2007-12-1 days to 2007-12-31 only

activity content: the month after the total income of the members to be divided into a ladder, the ladder standards for the commission into the specific ladder and divided into the following standards:

month total sales of software products into

3000 ~ 4999    3%

5000 ~ 6999    5%

7000 ~ 9999    8%

more than 10000 yuan 10%


1, during the event, no cheating, if found cheating, the member will be disqualified to participate in activities.

2, during the event will be at the end of the month bonus expense, unified uploaded to the Windows master product prize, everyone please check it then, if you do not open the Windows optimization master products, we will provide you the default.

on the other, with the whole activity, I also to join the Skype alliance advertisers to improve the product price, from 07 in December 1st, the price adjustment for unified Skype products as the standard, the new price is valid for one month to 07 years ended December 31st:

from December 1st -12 31 total registered amount of > =6000 and active / registered ratio > =30% member, its settlement costs in accordance with the 0.4 yuan / registered +0.4 yuan / active +8%CPS for calculation.

finally, sincere thanks to the webmaster friends in 07 years of PR alliance’s support and help, we wish this event a bumper harvest, next year more money immeasurable


to participate in the activities of the product list:

product name (ranking)

Skype network phone

Et network phone

Mike MAC mad

Tuotu software

small I MSN group

small I Robot Companion

Windows optimization master

cool music box


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