7 things to know about venture capital investment


as an entrepreneur, you raise money for your company for the first time, like the first time you fall in love. When you finally get someone’s favor, and at the same time get his investment, you will feel the sun is so bright, life is so good, you are the next Zuckerberg. But, don’t fall into this can not extricate themselves, your entrepreneurial journey has just begun, the road is tortuous, the future is not bright. There are a lot of good ideas of start-up companies to obtain seed investment around the world every year, but ultimately successful and a few


after obtaining the first investment, a start-up company in the end how to do? I hope the following 7 points can give you some inspiration.

1 access to investment is not the only pursuit of

many entrepreneurs are accustomed to access to seed investment as a whole of the entrepreneurial process, and to get more investment as the sole goal of the future. Getting a seed investment is really a celebration. It’s a milestone for you to create a great company.

but you have to know that your competitors can not stop to celebrate you, you need to develop a plan for the next step (listen to user feedback, improve your product · · ·), instead of sleeping in seed money. Temporarily forget those funds, the first time to develop your next product release strategic plan, it is best to detail to the week.

The 2 patient


team size is also a sign of a successful company, but this does not mean that companies must expand the scale of the rapid expansion. You know, good employees can bring positive value for the enterprise, the real talent is worth the time to find. Words rough, "mouseexcrement destroyed a" not unusual.

how to attract talented people to join them so that they see the company better than other companies, so that they see the potential for the development of the company’s products.

3 good publicity strategy may be a one-time effective

people rely on clothes horse saddle, a new company and new product success cannot do without good publicity strategy, such as company’s website web design, improve the company’s website in Path interface, the number of users grew by 800%. However, a web design to help you get the seeds may not be the user’s taste. You need to know is that your product is ultimately for the majority of users, rather than those investors, the user experience is essential.

4 target firm

investment will bring the best and worst of all for you: VC, competitors, and even your friend’s mom, would come to give you advice, tell you how to run your company to promote your products. It’s good to listen to other people’s opinions, but be sure to stick to your side

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