Treasure network founder Cao Yundong Mo electricity supplier made electric injury


Mo electricity supplier made electric injury

writer is the founder and President of the treasures of the network, science and Education Group founder Cao Yundong. Originally in the author’s personal blog

two weeks ago, I wrote an article about the electricity supplier "pseudo low cost" blog, for a time caused great repercussions, there are a lot of praise, there are a lot of controversy and different ideas. One of the most controversial is the assumption that the cost of a direct production cost of 120 is about $78. Some people think that this assumption is too high, that the gross profit is too low. In fact, I am very clear, for the direct production cost of retailers under the traditional line of a 120 shirt, certainly not more than 50, with nearly 60% of the gross profit, they will in the whole season, code can sell most of profit, the rest of the season, then sell through broken code gimmick discount. This is their business model. In fact, there’s the difference was that I want to express ideas, traditional business online and offline business in order to compete hard in the price, keep down prices, this is reflected in the inside of the group purchase electricity supplier is more prominent, more vicious competition. Another platform companies sometimes very outrageous, sometimes in order to attract eyeballs, will be lower than the purchase price to sell, this is also explained some wholesalers sometimes buy things sold himself to the electricity supplier.

so why sell so cheap? Those with high education background, good education background founder really so stupid, they don’t know this account?. In fact, founder is not difficult to understand these, they are planning a path to the capital market of the "Sunshine Avenue", first through the financing to get the money, and then burn through low prices to attract customers, increase sales, to finance, and then burn to attract more customers…… At the end of IPO, the shareholders cash withdrawal, achieve success and win recognition." As everyone knows, it is through the surface of gangster Jingdong make way of. See the success of the Jingdong, we are envious of heartbeat, I rely on, too simple, not is to burn? Hoodwinked investors, a business model, hard advertising, crazy to do a few years, is also a Jingdong? In fact, the price of Jingdong is really a false, if someone told you the core competitiveness of the Jingdong is low, that he is not a fool is a liar. Not a few people to study Jingdong really true success, every day to meet in their dreams, think success is so simple, leave him so close. Jingdong’s success thanks to its relatively good step on the point (this is purely a matter of luck, the so-called days), a strong logistics system, good Internet technology, superior financing capabilities, etc.. These things are able to support Jingdong based low survival, while Jingdong to profit can be done at any time, but Liu think it should or should not sacrifice the development speed of expansion, to really profit, when the scale is large enough, maybe he will choose profit. More importantly, Jingdong has opened up the road leading to the capital market, lucky >

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