Jin Haitao 30 ways to stifle Entrepreneurship



what is the business failure? Collapse failure; may become a great company is mired in mediocrity is a failure; expectations and reality is different, is a failure; to become bigger and stronger, but always minor, is a failure; a storm is a failure.

these are generalized failure, do venture capital to study failure.

investment in the start-up phase of the project, may be two lost eight investment growth period of the project, may be a loss of five of the previous year, the investment is relatively mature listed companies, may be a loss of seven to three. Entrepreneurs have experienced more failures, the failure rate of individual entrepreneurs is very high, so the study is very important failure.

Shenzhen Innovation Investment Group Chairman Jin Haitao from five levels listed the thirty may lead to failure of the lessons learned.

first, the entrepreneurial spirit and moral level

1 lacks ideal

every successful entrepreneur, give me the first impression is the ideal. On the contrary, the main reason for the failure of our investment enterprises is the lack of ideals and sentiments, put the money into the supremacy of the status.

so, dicker to be diligent enough, do business to fight the wisdom, if you want to do business, we must rely on Germany, is said to have ideal.

2 only to smooth, adhere to the lack of determination and perseverance

we voted for an enterprise to be a new biological drug. In the past ten years, it has no income. But it stuck. The same kind of medicine in the United States, sold $7 billion 800 million last year, and we made the drug, the price can be cheaper by half. This success is a big success, but if there is no fighting spirit, the company would not go dry.

3 is too dependent on past experience, to refuse to change

products to upgrade, model to innovation, management innovation. On the other hand, reliance on past experience can lead to failure.


lack of practical spirit resourceful.

some entrepreneurs are not solid, but opportunistic. For example, by flicker, flicker can be a moment, can not become a world. Speak for Siemens, crash, one thing I want to succeed soon. There may be a fall in the sky, there will be no second. The enterprise lacks the practical spirit, today does not defeat, will also fail tomorrow.

5 listed and listed both harmful and sinful

listed companies, should be a natural process, rather than simply relying on the packaging. For the listing of clever accounting, gross profit or net profit increase suddenly. To remove a listed rob Peter to pay Paul, can, but if the environment changes, it may remove the western wall up the east wall is not enough. >

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