To analyze the future development direction of the Amoy station

when Baidu cruel to all guest links all sealed off after the station road to the future of today I have to decide on what path to follow? The future development direction of amoy.

The current status of


. A station is too rampant. Why? I believe we now just go to Baidu search keywords and shopping related, then there will be a variety of guest station, even some people feel tired. What is the cause of this situation? Many people are home mom billboard the so-called high-income people confused, determined to do guest will earn a lot of money, and then started his guest then a group of a group of new friends to Amoy industry crowded. Furthermore, listen to the so-called expert experience of predecessors, is it must have a website to do guest, which led to the station such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain poured out, now has reached epidemic levels. This cake is so big, can eat the cake in front of those people is certainly just contact. So, in other words, the market has been the trend of the Tao station in saturated.


website source program similar to each other. I find that many people now do guest intention is not to make money, but to station than those who do pretty, doing fine. Because many navigation class station, basically 2/3 sites are very similar, but some local is not the same, even more people will directly produce visual fatigue. Baidu spider love what? Love the original. So much the same guest station, a mountain village one. Don’t bother me that spider, too tired, the ultimate beneficiaries, or the release of the source program that a small part of the people, and they were called as long as the use of their own website source code, you can easily help novice friends quickly have their own station slogan, the ultimate aim is to promote your site, free of charge send source is just a means to promote it. Since it is the online free stuff, then it has no value, so you don’t like "free" this cheap.


1 class navigation station to do, because this kind of website of the market is already saturated, it will not be too good, of course, does not rule out the master.

2 must do special guest station, the same thing not only Baidu is not love, love you looked tired. The above analysis of the current do station drawbacks, then talk about the future trend of the Tao station.

do Station Road to the future

one. Do not be big and full, should focus on small and fine. The large and complete station. It is difficult to generalize as good as in the past, especially the selection of keywords and so on are the need for good analysis, also is the site of the location; then we can only focus on small and fine, which is devoted to do a product site, such as you love women on the choice of this dress a piece of love, men’s special men’s clothing website, small and fine to make you special.

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