For a number of weeks, monthly advertising package!



1, flow does not limit

2, advertising does not limit


advertising prices, the best in site IP divided by 50 floating around, such as your website 5000IP, then package weeks (one week price) the standard is 100 yuan, the position can be more, less bad position. As long as the price of the price again and again, advertisers will purchase 90%.


advertising in network against ( release, released immediately after the completion of the post behind heel ( Tid=594& page=1& extra=page%3D1), advertisers will give the answer whether to buy during working hours 2 hours. (rest time, weekend not reply)

5, keep abreast of requirements: as long as a final sale advertising page, such as Id=187, so keep abreast of time, you leave id=187 this link can be?.

On the problems related to

billion, we can see the paste, the following are some related problems:

doesn’t just make money by selling ads: Tid=531& extra=page%3D1

advertising pricing must see: tid=345& extra=page%3D1


if you do not understand where you can contact customer service QQ:632361125894847405

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