From an old watch Wangzhuan and quality problems

stay in the University for a long time, tend to take the school as the world, so many things outside the school can not understand. The Internet is not to distinguish between school and the outside world, the Internet has become a world, each person on the Internet, under the premise of anonymity, are playing away from their real identity role. I read this article, mostly for Wangzhuan interested people, but I want to talk about, and the quality problem is: Wangzhuan Wangzhuan and a little connection. Perhaps, this article, destined to only a small number of people recognized.

it happened on 2010, just a month before the end of the month of September. The cause of the matter is this: the author in August to participate in the benefits of a long time to recommend the members of the mall had 5 yuan reward activities, and successfully recommended the effective members of the 30 and invalid members of the 1. However, as a result of a long time mall encountered a problem of cheating, forced to delay payment, and soon be unknown to the masses into a liar. In September 13th, I received a referral bonus payment for benefits to pay, screenshots on the blog (you can search for "Hui Long mall referral bonus has been paid", and find the original) affixed to the Hui community for a long time, "comfort" fast losing patience with friends. People did not expect is that this blog message appeared a lot of abusive language. Screenshot below (privacy protection, erased the name):



can see, unwarranted abuse, and very vulgar words.

I in the blog post collection of screenshots, results from abuse, called a "learning mathematics master" independent blogger message said: "this is what meaning? Do their own on the line, you teach others why? Are you tired?" first thank you friend. For such a good reminder, I had to laugh back. In fact, if we allow the abuse to continue, can only be buried out of Hui Long promotion projects, so that those who do not dare, losing a good project. Such a result, to whom is it good for?.

this is the logic of abuse "we encountered a lot of fraud, so the encounter is certainly liar". If we take this abuse as internet violence, so, please reflect, what is the role of abuse?, is just to vent vent, there is no practical significance. Perhaps, these friends appeared in the screenshot before being cheated, so any doubt with the behavior are very sensitive. But, what abusive behavior reflects is the quality problem?. Abuse and morality, no one has the right to curse. I will not scold you, but I reserve the right to despise you. Because the curse is to earn money. Have you ever seen Ma curse?

I have said in another article Admin5 in "abuse become a webmaster lifestyle". Some people simply assert: curse is poor webmaster. To abuse as the representative of the Internet.

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